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All the background details.

What is the Caribbean Blue Team (CBlue Team)?

CBlue Team (pronounced "sea blue" team) is an initiative by G5 Cyber Security, Inc to bring together cyber defence professionals so they can share their knowledge and experience online to educate businesses and people about what happens behind the scenes. Frequently, because the operational side of cyber defence is not highlighted, it fosters fear and misunderstandings about how the whole Cyber Defence area operates and we're working to fix that.

We are trying to bring transparency to this so everyone can understand the level of effort and resource is dot come together to make cyber defence possible.


First, we need to know your identity, and we’ve created an online form HERE, to accept applications from interested members. This is a very transparent group, and all members are publicly disclosed on social media.

Here are the steps to join:

  • 1. Have a national ID from a country or territory in the Caribbean (32 options).
  • 2. Complete the form on this page using the button for "Submit application".
  • 3. If you are conditionally accepted, then we will contact you by live video to verify your Caribbean ID and ask any further questions. Once approved, we will give you access to the chat group, where we collaborate to create educational content together.

What do members do?

Members work together or by themselves to create educational content such as blog posts and research papers, guides, procedures, which explore how they use technology, people or processes to execute cyber defence operations. Members own their work, and we merely link to it on our website and social media.

We are co-ordinating and, in some cases, funding the effort to get members working together to educate the public.

e.g. A typical example would be that a member shares a post they wrote on their blog that explores how a SIEM works. We would post a link to their post on this website and social media channels telling the world about their post.


To exit, open a support ticket g5cybersecurity.com/ticket with your request, we will contact you by phone to verify and complete your request within a day or 2. Once you exit, we will also remove any links to your submissions from our website.